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I have rented the limo for a two hour block of time, when does the “clock” start ticking?

In the limousine business, it is customary to begin the time from where the Limousine is based. Likewise, the clock continues to run until the car gets back to it’s starting point.

What about alcohol? Is it legal to have open alcohol in the Limousine?

Yes, but keep reading. You must be of legal age, and good judgment must be practiced at all times. You are riding in a very expensive vehicle and should the use of alcohol turn into the “abuse” of alcohol, the trip could come to an abrupt end leaving your party stranded. All drivers are trained to warn passengers if things need to calm down. Failure to comply will end the trip early.

Does the bar in the Limousine come stocked?

Never, it is illegal for a person to provide alcohol unless they have a license to sell alcohol, and Nelson’s does not have a license.

What about tipping?

A 15-20 % gratuity is customary, but not required. If you think the driver did a very good job, a tip is a nice way of saying thank you. Some clients request that the gratuity be added to the bill at booking. If that occurs, the driver is informed that the tip has been “pre-paid”, and it will be passed on to him or her.

How soon in advance should I book my event?

That depends on what day of the week and time of the year. If you have a June wedding in mind, six months is not too early. The car is usually busy on all Saturdays. During the week, the car is more available. It is suggested that if you know you are going to need the car on a certain date, go ahead and book it to avoid disappointment.

Does the price change if I have more people in the Limo?

No, prices are based on where the car is going and how long it will be in service. One person or eight, same price.

How many people will fit in the Limo?

Our current vehicle has an eight person capacity. Insurance and DOT regulations prohibit us from overloading the vehicle.

So what if I need more than one Limo?

No problem. We will subcontract with another operator and meet your request to the best of my abilities.

Is the car worth a million dollars?

No, but you will feel like you are worth a million when you ride in it!